Stay fit during your vacation

Our fitness centre is full of pieces of equipment to exercise and workout daily. Our guests who are fitness freaks would love to join our gym in the hotel, The Golden Apple. If you are a regular workout lover and cannot miss a single day of exercise, the gym in our hotel is the best area of recreation.
Tourists and travellers looking for a hotel in Lucknow with a gym are invited to give a chance to our hospitality and allow us to give you the best services in Lucknow.

Steam Bath

Seen as fancy things to rejuvenate you, steam baths must be regarded as a home remedy for you. We at The Golden Apple decided to keep steam baths to rejuvenate our guests. Generally, when our guests return to our hotel after a hectic day they are tired looking for a place to relax mentally and physically. Our well-designed steam rooms encourage deep breathing. As a result, you can help break up congestion inside your sinuses and lungs. Steam baths have a plethora of health benefits, but they can be harmful if you do it excessively. If you stay in a steam room for more than 15 minutes it may lead in dehydration.